Ink log pages

Recently I have started to log inks in a fountain pen friendly journal, the Pen Addict Dot-Dash (Nockco) pocket notebook. Every time I share a page on Instagram, I will also upload it here. No reviews, no properties, just the colors next to each other. Reviews will be done separately, under the same page in different posts. If you have any questions or want to share your experience about the inks, please comment.

Orange inks, May 2017
Red inks, May 2017
Red-purple inks, May 2017
Magenta and reddish pink inks

9 thoughts on “Ink log pages

  1. Perhaps you were thinking at one time of downloading some worksheets as a resource. Did you in fact do that? (I’m brand new to your blog…have I not found a more recent post?)

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  2. Just architect font and maybe swoopy cursive…but no matter, because in a way you have. The writing you put in our blogposts will be easy to screenshoot and print. I will practice.


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