For as long as I have held writing tools, I have been intrigued by handwriting. From the moment I started scribbling in chicken scratches, I have wanted to improve my handwriting. As a result, I have tried numerous styles over the years. From elementary school cursive to rounded stick and ball, all caps printing (which I still regularly use), italic cursive, low and widespread, you name it.

The style that suits my natural movement best is an architect style printing. The short strokes, the readability and the fact that it fits all writing instruments, are what attract me most to that style. Plus, my kids can read it.

On this page, I will try and explain some of my writing styles. I am not a professional typographer, so I am not claiming to know it all or tell you that this is how it should be do done. This is just a place where I can share my love for handwriting and hope you will find joy in it too.