Four more nibs plus one extra

Hi everybody and Happy Mothers Day if you live in a country that celebrates it today! Over here we Mothers Day is celebrated in May, but I do have the house to myself right now and I am going to make the most of that by taking it pretty easy in this post. I feel a cold coming on so I’ll be taking a load off after posting this by rewatching some amazing YouTube videos on Japanese Masters of Fountain Pens. So relaxing!

But first four nibs plus one extra. Why one extra? Because the writing sample of the fifth didn’t fit on the written page as shown above. Practicality first! Because of the budding cold I am keeping it mainly to writing samples and nib shots of:

  • Delike New Moon extra fine nib (for which I was completely inspired by Instagram’s @pixiegeek. Go check out her feed if/when you’re on Insta, follow and give her some FP love!);
  • Pilot Prera Vivid Pink fine nib;
  • Pelikan Twist Bronze medium nib;
  • Franklin-Christoph broad stub.italic.gradient (S.I.G.);
  • Jinhao 159 fude nib.

So as you can see, there’s a nib size for everybody in today’s post. I think writing samples are great references for nib performance, plus I really enjoy doing them. And I always enjoy seeing other people’s writing online. I have a couple of handwriting crushes, but I will go into that in a later post. Let me know if you do!

The paper used is a Rhodia Soft Cover A5 lined journal.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you have any questions, please do leave a comment. I always enjoy reading your messages!

Delike New Moon extra fine nib


Pilot Prera Vivid Pink fine nib


Pelikan Twist Bronze medium nib


Franklin-Christoph M65 Antique Glass broad stub.italic.gradient (S.I.G.)


Jinhao 159 fude nib



Thank you for reading (watching :-)) this post and until the next one!

6 thoughts on “Four more nibs plus one extra

  1. Dear Janine,
    I like your site a lot as i am doing everything I can to regulary use fountain pen. What bothers me the most is the paper. To be more particular, I am using Moleskine for last 15 years or something like that. Unfortunately, there is NO ANY notebook in Moleskine offer which can be used with fountain pen as ink is just bleeding through paper.
    Do you have any recommendation on that? What notebook do you prefere?

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    1. Hi Danijel, a very good question. Personally, I never use Moleskine for fountain pen use. It just bleeds and feathers too much. Great for pencil and ballpoint, not for fountain pens. My personal preference so far is Rhodia, Oxford, Tomoe River and the paper used in WilliamHannah notebooks. Of these, Oxford is reasonably priced, Rhodia is widely available. Life and Clairefontaine are also loved by FP-users but I am yet to try those. At some point I will do a paper comparison, when I have a couple of different brands to show. Hope this will help a little.
      Cheers, Janine

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      1. Thanks Janine,
        As I am in Croatia, there are no much options here but Clairefontaine and Rhodia (at leaset used to be) on market. I will check for that.
        On the other hand I am looking for Moleskine replacement for a some time now as they managed to success in brand destroying. 10 years ago they were quite exclusive brand here but due to continuous production of “Limited Editions” one after another it is just a toy now. 😦
        They work great with .38 Uniball and Pilot G02 but this is not what I am looking for.


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      2. What I’ve found is to keep checking inexpensive brands as well. Sometimes those are remarkably fountain pen friendly. Moleskine has become too gimmicky, I agree.


  2. Nice lineup of nibs! I’ve never tried a fude nib before, but I feel like I’d make a huge mess with it somehow. In your hands, though, it writes wonderfully!

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    1. Ah, thank you Krista. My natural hand is pretty big already so that’s why I have always preferred whopping big nibs. This fude is still big even for me but loads of fun. Still I’m so happy to have tried finer nibs. I felt I was missing out on something. #finenibenvy 😁


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