Page of Shame February 26, 2017

What is a Page of Shame… it is a page filled with pens currently inked. 32… yes, a sizable number. These are all pens I have in rotation at the moment, especially with InCoWriMo2017 going on. I must be honest and tell you that there are four fude pens inked, which I have not included on this page. Purely for aesthetics.

So, 32 pens inked… let’s got to it!


Top to bottom:

  1. Esterbrook Grey “J” nib no. 2284, Blackstone Black Stump
  2. Kaweco Classic Sport Demonstrator, double broad architect nib, J. Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey
  3. Jinhao 159 Germany iridium point italic grind, Rober Oster Signature Purple Rock
  4. Bexley Jim Gaston Holiday 2002 stub nib, Robert Oster Signature Melon Tea
  5. Jinhao 159 original nib, Noodler’s Lexington Gray (bulletproof)
  6. Pelikan Pelikano medium, Kaweco Caramel Brown
  7. Mabie Todd Swan 3250 oblique medium/broad, Noodler’s Kiowa Pecan
  8. Montblanc Meisterstuck Chopin oblique double broad nib, Rober Oster Signature Copper
  9. TWSBI Eco White 1.1 stub nib, Rober Oster Signature Ng Special ’16
  10. Pelikan 400 oblique broad nib, Diamine Autumn Oak
  11. TWSBI Diamond 580 broad (crisp grind) nib, Pelikan Edelstein Mandarin
  12. ASA Pens Nauka Translucent 1.1 stub, Diamine Coral
  13. Montblanc 264 oblique double broad, Diamine Sunset
  14. Sheaffer Quasi Imperial italic stub nib, Diamine Crimson
  15. Franklin-Christoph m45 Cherry Ice IPO S.I.G. medium, Kyo-iro Cherry Blossom of Keage
  16. Kaweco Skyline Sport Pink double broad architect nib, Noodler’s Cactus Fruit Eel
  17. Online medium architect nib, Organics Studio Emily Dickinson
  18. Franklin-Christoph m45 Italian Ice Organics Studio Jane Austen
  19. Sailor 199 Standard demonstrator zoom architect nib, Blackstone Sydney Harbour Blue
  20. Pelikan 140 oblique double broad nib, Akkerman Deep Duinwater Blauw
  21. Montbland 254 oblique medium nib, Sailor Jentle Yama Dori
  22. ASA Pens Porus Jumbo White Acrylic flex nib, Rober Oster Signature Blue Denim
  23. Franklin-Christoph m66 Stabilis Solid Ice broad cursive italic nib, Rober Oster Signature Fire & Ice
  24. Bexley Gaston’s Angels stub nib, L’Artisan Pastellier Callifolio Olifants
  25. TWSBI Eco Clear 1.1 stub nib, Rober Oster Signature Bondi Blue
  26. Sheaffer Quasi Imperial oblique italic stub nib, KWZ ink Menthol Green
  27. Italix Parson’s Essential oblique italic broad nib, Organics Studio L. Frank Baum
  28. Inoxcrom Agatha Ruiz de la Prada fine architect nib, Graf von Faber-Castell Deep Sea Green plus a blob of green ink left over in the feed
  29. Kaweco Skyline Sport Mint double broad architect nib, Ackerman Groenmarkt Smaragd
  30. Jinhao 159 Noodler’s flex nib, Diamine Shimmertastic Green Oasis
  31. Lamy 2000, medium (crisp grind) nib, Rohrer & Klingner Alt Gold-Gruen
  32. Franklin-Christoph m40 fine cursive italic nib, Kyo-iro Koke-iro.

What is your number of inked pens?


8 thoughts on “Page of Shame February 26, 2017

  1. Awesome Janine .
    Just really like the script and your collection of pens is great . I am trying to do your script but not getting anywhere near yours . Great keep the posts coming


    1. Hi Julian, thank you so much for your kind words! Just remember to derive from your natural hand, also with this architect script. That way it stays yours and you will be able to make small changes that fit your natural hand. Have a great Sunday!


  2. I have 10 inked right now, including a Pilot Varsity which I don’t feel should really count… This is a ‘binge’ for InCoWriMo. Usually I’d try and stick to a few less, though I’m enjoying the options now.
    I love to see your huge page full of colour though, so no judging from me! 😀


  3. I only have 7 inked right now, but I’m having to stop myself from inking a few more. I love all of your big ol’ fat nibs! No EFs here!


    1. Yes, Krista, mostly ceiling brushes in my stash… I just got some Preppies in EF, F and M and I have a Pilot Prera Fine on the way from Japan. For giving a full scope when ink testing and because I was very impressed with a Kakuno and Metropolitan I tried at a pen meet. I saw this bright hot pink Prera and had to get that. 😃


  4. Hi Janine! I encountered your site casually and when i landed on this page I’ve smiled becaus I’m using the same number of inked fountain pens rotating them like you … everyone has his own character and none are the same. It’s really a pleasure to use all them. The great difference is that I use a significant lesser number of inks, but leave ve some time …
    My best compliments for your beautiful and interesting website. Cheers.


    1. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation, Guido. I’ve always “struggled” to try and keep my number of inked pens down, but if you have them, why ever not use them? That would be such a waste.
      Enjoy your pens and inks!


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